Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thankful Day 29

I'm grateful for modern medicine! It's amazing the ways I've been blessed by this...

1. My father had a brain tumor removed
2 my father has had both of his knees replaced
3. My father-in-law has had both knees replaced
4. My mother-in-law has had radiation and chemo for brain cancer
5. My grandmother had radiation and chemo for throat cancer
6. I had a nearly painless labor with Lincoln (once the epidural kicked in)
7. We actually got pregnant! We had to use IVF and ICSI but I was worth it!

The ICSI technology is only about 15 years old - I'm so thankful to live in this day and age where two infertile people could miraculously bring an amazingly adorable little boy into this life!

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