Saturday, November 8, 2014

Thankful Day 8

I am so thankful for my sisters and sisters-in-law. 

Melissa: Melissa is wonderfully smart, fun, and is expecting her first child. I'm so excited for her and know she will be a great mom! She and I have become good friends and in so thankful for that!

Shayla: Shayla is smart, childlike, fun, and so silly. She loves to do just about anything and is willing to do anything for anyone! Shayla and I have always been friends and I love her to pieces.

Sarah: with an H... Sarah is such a great mom to her crazy boys and sweet girl. She is such a good example of patience to me! She loves my little guy and I adore all of her kids! I love that our children are growing up together!

Sara: no H... Sara and I aren't super close but I love her kids and she loves mine. She is always willing to watch lincoln and we love being able to spend time with her kids whenever we are able.

I'm lucky to have some amazing sisters!!!

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