Thursday, December 27, 2007

Damn Boys and their Damn Testosterone

Typically i'm so excited for Christmas! I love watching people open the presents I got them and seeing the look on their face - because let's face it - I'm a great gift giver! I try and be thoughtful and practical.... But this year I just didn't have it in me. My nephew just turned one and was so fun to watch open presents! I tried to play it off like I was disappointed I was getting one present - that I had literally bought myself and had my parents reimburse me for.... but in all reality it's far more than that! This Holiday was fun until the weekend before Christmas when someone I love dearly, admitted to contemplating suicide. Here's the clincher - I'm a social worker - and a damn good one at that! If it were a client - I would have known exactly what to do - there are protocols and policies on those types of things. However, it being someone I know well - I drew a blank! I had no idea what to do - so I did what I usually do when I'm at a loss - I got mad! Not mad, annoyed is more the word for it! I was annoyed - it was all that damn boys fault! Stupid boys and their stupid testosterone! Now i'm not just saying that because in my shady romantic past I've been hurt by boy upon boy and am now a man hater - No - I say that because I am convinced it's really his fault! At least a good portion of it is his fault! I don't believe you can be in LOVE as a teenager... I just don't! You can love someone, and have feelings for them, but you can't be IN LOVE with them! You don't know enough about yourself, or about life in general to actually be IN LOVE! In any case, whether she believes she is in love or not is not is not the problem... the problem is, this person she thinks she loves - is a toxic person! I know, just as well as anyone - that love is blind - but seriously - this blind? I know she doesn't see it - but the fact of the matter is - if your entire family - and all of your friends think this person is a bad influence ... doesn't that mean something? Advice for all bloggers.... if everyone in your life (family and friends) seriously despises the person you LOVE maybe it's time to take a look at yourself and how this person makes you act... and get rid of them! Who else wants the best for you if not yourself? Think about it.....

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