Monday, December 31, 2007

Adios 2007

Typically when I blog - it's because I have something to rant and rave about - or at least to express my very strong opinions about. But this time - I just wanted to give myself an end of the year update....

It's been a LONG year 2007 has... I've lived on my own, and moved back home. Went from just working to working two and a half jobs and going to graduate school. Had bad relationships and one really amazing one (I'm hoping it comes back around again). The year has been full of ups and downs thats for sure! I have done a lot of self work and feel more comfortable with myself - and i'm happy about it!

Here are some things I've learned this year!

- It's okay to have feelings, and it's even more okay to share them with people
- I can do a lot more than I give myself credit for!
- If there is an opportunity to trip and make a fool out of myself - i'll probably do it in front of lots of people!
- I don't need a man to make me feel good about myself!
- If my family and friends don't like a guy - it's best to listen to them!
- Sometimes being a "J" is good - I just need to make sure I understand my fellow "P"'s
- I can live without 100 ounces of Mountain Dew each day
- Magic Erasers - really are magic!
- Sometimes it's okay to take a vacation!
- Nothing makes me happier than seeing my nephew smile and laugh when he sees me!
- If getting your hair done makes you feel better - get it done!

I guess the only thing to do now - is keep working on myself and hoping that 2008 is even better! I have a good feeling about it - I know it will be!

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