Monday, December 3, 2007

One down - Three to go

... And Yes I am referring to classes left in this semester! Thank goodness! My skin is itching non-stop with anxiety for the end of the semester..... or is it the dry skin from winter.... In any case - I am ready for this semester to end! Don't get me wrong - it's been great! I've learned a lot, done a tremendous amount of self-work, drastically improved my vocabulary and seen how things don't change from undergraduate work - to graduate level work. I mean really - if we're in graduate school we were likely in the top of our class in undergraduate right? But how do you not know how to make a valuable contribution to a group project???? It boggles my mind! This weekend I spent hour upon hour upon hour doing powerpoint projects because some people are stupid and don't know how to do them... some people are lazy and don't want to do them... and again, some people are stupid and don't do them to my standards. The old phrase still rings true - "If you want something done right - do it yourself!" Are we not all adults though? It is true that C's get degrees... but come on - I want a stinking A!!! I know I won't get an A in one class for sure - I'll have to survive with an A- which is somewhat a relief. I mean, now i've got an A- right? Now i'm not expected to keep up with a 4.0 GPA - it lessens the stress right?! No - not really! If I want to get my doctorate I've gotta keep my grades all up! Plus find a way to diversify myself. If only my parents hadn't been caucasian! Or at least named me something diverse sounding.... like Juanita. Oh well - I'll have to hope that my grades and killer personality get me in. In any case - I can't wait for the end of the semester! A whole month off will be so nice! I'll actually feel like I have a job again because I'll actually be at the office during the day rather than in class or at a practicum. The new semester will be nice too. I look forward to new teachers, new classes, new experiences and so on and so forth. This really is an exciting time in life for me! We will just have to see how things unfold for me......

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