Thursday, December 13, 2007

I throw a mean party!

Today was our office Christmas -er excuse me - Holiday party! We have been planning it for months and it went pretty well! I was very proud of the entire incentive committee.... We held the party at the Hard Rock Cafe this year and the best part was that it was free! Yep, free to all! Which was good for those of us who shelled out money to participate in activities during the year - and even better for those who didn't do jack crap during the year but benefited from an entirely free lunch! The annoying thing - is that so many of us worked hard to do office lunches during the year, and paid the $5.00 it cost to eat every two or three months when we had a party - but there are a few who didn't participate at all! Not only that - but we had to give the HRC a headcount on Monday so they would be prepared. 70 people RSVP'd to us and that's what we turned in - but we had 77 people show up today! Not a big deal except that we didn't have enough money to pay for 2 peoples lunches - luckily myself and one of the other ladies on the incentive committee had some cash so we could pay it all - I wasn't going to wash dishes because 7 people were so inconsiderate they couldn't take 2 seconds to email us their rsvp. ANYWAY - We also had small gifts for everyone - a nice loaf of bread from Dunford Bakery and a jar of Smuckers Simply Fruit Jelly - we bought out the Wal-Mart's entire supply! :) And a couple of people didn't get their bread and jam.... The part that irked me, is that there is one guy in particular who didn't participate in anything - and was downright rude when asked to participate - who was all butt hurt that he didn't get some bread and jam - so he asked if there was any extra for him and I said "sorry, but there's not". What else am I supposed to do? I guess I could've been nice and given him mine - but you know what - I personally shelled out over $100.00 myself for these parties throughout the year and I deserved the bread! Oh well, he was all butt hurt and pouted until someone gave him something. Grow up and be an adult! It has taken every ounce of my self control to not send out an email and thank everyone for coming and encouring everyone to participate this coming year - especially those who were able to benefit this year without participating (who needs to be an adult? I know right?!). Anyway - I figured I'd be nice and not do anything. So after dinner everyone got their loaves of bread and jars of jam and they left the HRC. Lots of people said thanks, and said they really enjoyed the party. I'm glad they enjoyed it - we worked hard througout the entire year to make it a success! Out of all 3 parties I personally planned and threw this year - I think this was was best attended (because it was free of course) and I'm glad people came! It was a great party - but I don't think I'll be doing this again next year! I don't have the energy anymore - it was an excellent party though!

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