Friday, January 4, 2008

2 for the price of 1

Happy New Years! Okay, so I'm a few days late... I wanted to give it a day or so to decide what I want my new years resolutions to be - and I thought I'd blog about that... but then I got busy. Then I talked with D for a while yesterday and wanted to blog about that and got busy again - so you get two for one today!

I spoke in Church on Sunday about Goals so I've been thinking about them for a few weeks now. I learned a lot, and determined two ways to do my goals. First, I'm going to have one word that will explain my goals and that word is "Simplify". I think I'm going to craft some sort of sign to put in my office and room that says simplify... A goal not written is only a wish right?! The other way i'm setting my goals are scripturally based - cheesey I know - but in studying for this I found the perfect way to set goals in a way i'll keep them. If you want to know the biblical reference for these you'll just have to ask. Anyway so I narrowed it down to 4 goals.

1. Don't procrastinate school or work!
2. Exercise 3 times per week - gotta make use of that gym pass i'm paying for
3. Be a better friend and listener
4. Attend the temple regularly

Those are seriously attainable goals for me - and the list of 4 is infinitely smaller than my typical goals. I'm certainly working on simplifying already!

So, about D... yes we talked yesterday over text. It seems like I can't talk on the phone to anyone anymore. I mean, it's not like i've tried to talk to him on the phone - I wouldn't know what to say. He still makes me get butterflies in my tummy! ANYWAY - We talked for a bit and it was nice. I miss talking to him a lot. He's such a nice guy and obviously I still have feelings for him. In all honesty, I don't know if he feels the same way - it's not like i've asked or anything. I've thought about it - but figured I would give it a little more time. Am I stupid for waiting? Realistically though, I would do anything to see him, spend time with him - be with him. I'm so busy right now with school, my internship, my job with the state, and my job with the university - how could I possibly squeeze in one more thing?? Easily, I will always make time for someone I care about! So it means I get a little less sleep - what can you do right?! In any case, I care about him and that's all there is to it. It was nice to hear from him and it really takes all of my self control to not want to text him every day just to say hello and get a short response from him - but I don't want to seem needy or annoying. Where is that line? The line between caring friend and annoying ex? Is there a line?

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