Thursday, January 10, 2008

Long Day!

Oh my gosh! Whoever decided it would be smart to offer all of my classes ONLY on Wednesday is an idiot! It is insanely hard to sit in classes for 9 hours in one day! Granted, I have an evening class thats another 3 hours.... but still! 9 hours of class? Realize that means I have class from 8:30 - 6 with two 15 minute breaks between my classes. At first I thought it would be nice - but 9 hours. It makes for a 12 hour day for me. I leave my house at 7 a.m. to be there in time - ya know... the commute and traffic. And then I don't get home until 7 p.m. Then what do I do? Last night I had dinner, watched a tiny bit of t.v. with Austin and Sarah... and then went to bed! I was SO tired! Not only that, but now my butt is sore! 9 hours of sitting in hard school chairs really does a number on my glutes! Not only that, but by the time i'm nearing the end of my last class it's hard to stay awake - especially since i've given up soda! Normally, i'd suck down some mt. dew and life would go on - but now, I'm doing it au natural! My classes should all be pretty interesting though! I already have one assignment due next week. I have to make a box and decorate it the way I think people see me and put three things inside it that describe me and my diversity! Now, the first part will be hard because I know what people think of me, and I don't really want to display it on a box! The second part will be hard because I'm not very diverse! Oh well! I guess it will take some creativity! More later!

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