Thursday, January 24, 2008

Suck on That!

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever - and really, I haven't. But so much has been going on! The past two weeks have sucked.... I've gotten into an argument with someone I care about - and it potentially ruined things but to be quite honest it may be for the best! I hate sitting by and watching people ruin their lives for "love", especially when you know the person you are with is a moron and a skeeze! Enough said! These two weeks have sucked at school - I hate having 9 hours of class in one day! It makes me tired, drains my energy, and I can't think straight by the end of hour 7 - I hope I pass that last class! Not to mention work sucks! Well, it doesn't suck, but what does suck is when co-workers are MIA for weeks at a time and everyone else has to pick up the slack - like I have time for that! I realize you're sick and your family is sick, and I'll help where I can - but really? Since October? Plus, all my clients are going crazy, I've got a few at inpatient psych facilities, and really, I feel like I should be there with them! And finally the love life - wait, lack of I mean! It's not like I have time for one anyway - but I've come to the conclusion that I'm just done with it! Boys are overrated, they don't talk about their feelings, and they don't put the toilet seat back down! Basically, they're annoying! I'm not playing games anymore - either Put up or Shut up! Yeah, I went there!

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Melanie said...

Yeah! I found your blog! I know EXACTLY who you're talking about and I agree completely! And... keep the book store on the DL... I haven't told most people at the office. Waiting for things to be a little more solid first. And yes, yes, yes, I'll always need lunch!