Friday, October 18, 2013

IVF Attempt #2 - June 13, 2013

Here we are almost 9 months from the day we started our first cycle – and I am on day 2 of my cycle and we are starting again almost the same way we started last time. This morning I went in for blood work and my first ultrasound, and they found that one of the follicles on my ovaries is large.  Which means it might be producing hormones.  They will test it, and if the hormone levels are below a 50, then we can proceed.  My nurse said that since the same thing happened last time, it’s likely my hormone levels are just fine.  But we will see. She said she would call me by 4 pm today.  

I got my box-o-drugs yesterday and another box today with the shortest shelf-life drug (14 days). Hopefully, we won’t need it that long. The nurse gave me the special needles I use, and a calendar for what my cycle should look like. It’s much shorter than last time, but probably because we actually know where to start in terms of hormones. 

I’m really excited to be doing this again – excited at the prospect of what could potentially happen. But, I’m also terrified because of the results from last time.  Luckily, I’m working with my therapist still and she is wonderfully helpful. We are working on being positive and optimistic while preparing for a less than ideal result.  Keep your fingers crossed!!!!

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