Friday, October 18, 2013

July 31, 2013

Yesterday I had another ultrasound. It’s at 6 weeks and 6 days – and there are still TWO sacs!  The big one has an actual baby in it… the smaller one now has a yolk sac but it’s sitting so far back in my pelvis that the ultrasound wand couldn’t get a good view of it – so there may be a baby in there, there may not be. But it’s getting bigger and progressing.  Dr. Heiner said we still have a 15% chance of having twins I guess. We will just watch it I guess.

As for the other one – with the baby… we got to see the heartbeat - and we got to hear it!  I’m not going to lie, as I was holding Travis’ hand and we heard the heartbeat, I started to cry a little. It was surreal!  I’ve never experienced something so amazing before in my life! There was a tiny flutter – and a heartbeat of 123 bpm. It was amazing!

I have a subchronic hematoma or something (bleeding) around the sac of the bigger baby. The doctor said it’s 20% of the size of the sac, so it’s nothing to be super worried about – but there is a potential for bleeding. I don’t know why doctors tell you things and then say, oh, but you shouldn’t be worried about it. Seriously? How can I not be worried about it?! I guess we don’t have to worry unless it grows to be 50% of the size of the sac – then I guess we have to worry about it.

The doctor gave me a little paper that says when to stop taking the Crinone and the Metformin. I just have to make an appointment with Dr. Porter, the maternal fetal medicine specialist that we will see throughout this pregnancy.  I’m really hoping there’s nothing wrong and that the smaller sac continues to grow and we can find a baby in there next time!!!

Until then, I try and get sleep at night - although I've got insomnia right now - and do everything else that i need to... while keeping it a secret. The end of September can't get here quick enough! Then at least we will be out of the first trimester, and can actually tell our families and friends.

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