Friday, October 18, 2013

October 2, 2013

I haven’t written here in two months!  It’s not because I haven’t had a lot to say – I’ve had a TON to say! But I’ve been so busy with work stuff, and it’s been hard to write about the pregnancy when we aren’t telling anyone yet.  We finally told our families and let them know we are Pregnant last Friday – and really – last Friday this pregnancy became real!

Last Friday, at 15 weeks and 2 days, we went to our doctor’s appointment and had a super short ultra sound just to see the heartbeat. I was really disappointed because I was hoping at this appointment we would actually see a baby, or something that LOOKS like a baby, and we would tell our families that evening and I wanted to have a picture of an actual baby to show them. Travis could tell I was disappointed and suggested we look into Fetal Fotos.  I was hesitant but I’m not sure why. We decided that if they could tell us the gender, we would make an appointment. 

I called Fetal Fotos and they said at 15 weeks they can tell Gender - so I made an appointment for that afternoon! Travis and I went in and picked the $79 package which included a 2D ultrasound with printed pictures, a CD of pictures and a DVD of the ultrasound complete with musical accompaniment. Travis and I sat in the room and relaxed and the ultrasound took her time to look at our little one. I was amazed at how clear the pictures were! It looked like a baby! She showed us the feet, the face, the hands, and then the gender reveal - she showed us a tiny little weenie. We are having a boy! I started to cry when she told and showed us. I am SO excited! Travis and I were SO excited we could barely stand it! We left Fetal Fotos all smiles - best $79 spent EVER!

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